Fresh Pick | The Gift of Faith

I am thrilled that Fresh Fiction selectedTHE GIFT OF FAITHas their Fresh Pick for April 28, 2023!!! The Fresh Pick is chosen by a group of Fresh Fiction readers and is never a purchased advertisement or promotion. They’ve picked each book because it appeals to them and they like to share their diverse tastes in reading and hope... Continue Reading →

NEW RELEASE – The Gift of Faith

It's here! It's here! I am so excited that The Gift of Faith-- the third and final book in my Unexpected Gifts series--is here. I hope you love Faith and Daniel's story as much as I loved writing it. Their journey truly is one of sacrificial, selfless love.  The rewards of faith are plentiful in... Continue Reading →

Excerpt | The Gift of Faith

Chapter One Pushing a little harder than she meant to on the screened back door of her parents’ house, Faith Kemp tried to catch it before it banged closed. No need to let the ladies inside know they’d gotten under her skin. The problem was, a sleeping baby strapped to her chest meant she had... Continue Reading →

Preorder | The Gift of Faith

The rewards of faith are plentiful in this sweet Amish romance from the author of The Gift of Joy. The quietest of the three Kanagy boys, Daniel, would prefer to spend his time keeping his bees and selling the honey rather than tending his family’s gift shop. But with both his brothers breaking away from the... Continue Reading →

ON SALE | The 12 Days of Christmas

For a limited time only. t doesn’t take long for Snowball’s animal instincts to reveal that Daniel and Sophie are meant to be together. Unfortunately, Daniel keeps making a mess of things. It’s going to take some special insight and holiday cheer to bring them together. But if anyone can do it, Snowball can—even if... Continue Reading →

Fully Booked Podcast | OneNote Guru

Anyone who's known me about 5 minutes knows that I keep my life--especially my author life--organized using OneNote. I got a chance to join Craig and Roland at Hidden Gems for their awesome Fully Booked podcast. We chatted about how I do it and tips for authors looking for a way to get started with... Continue Reading →

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