The Gift of Faith

The rewards of faith are plentiful this sweet Amish romance from the author of The Gift of Joy.

The quietest of the three Kanagy boys, Daniel would prefer to spend his time keeping his bees and selling the honey rather than tending his family’s gift shop. But with both his brothers breaking away from the family business, his parents need Daniel more than ever.

Contrary to town gossip, Faith Kemp didn’t jump the fence — she left to track down her twin sister, Mercy. When Faith returns home with a newborn baby, the rumors are tough to set right, and not everyone in the community is welcoming. To help support her family, Faith sells dried flower arrangements to the popular gift shop in town. Each visit, she looks forward to seeing Daniel Kanagy. He doesn’t say much, but his steady strength speaks to her just the same.

With girls buzzing around Daniel trying to catch his eye, why would he turn his gaze to a quiet, plain girl with a baby and too many rumors?

Look for The Gift of Faith coming April 2023!


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