The Gift of Hope

A Cheerful Giver is Twice Blessed…

Lively and cheerful, Hope Beiler needs Aaron Kanagy’s help. Unfortunately she can’t move past something he said when they were younger. Not to mention the unexplained animosity between their fathers. But Hope is determined to give her sister a beautiful new bed frame as a wedding present, and Aaron is the best carpenter around, for sure and certain.

Aaron wishes he could spend more time honing his woodworking craft, but his parents need help running their gift shop. When Hope approaches him with a solution that will allow them both to achieve their goals, he accepts. As they work together, Aaron finds himself captivated by Hope and an idea forms…

Unfortunately, Hope’s already wounded pride means she doesn’t give him the answer he expects. At the same time, her dat discovers what they’ve been doing and forbids Hope from seeing the Kanagys anymore. As secrets from the past come to light, can Gotte teach two strong willed souls–and their families–that pride comes before every fall, but hope helps us rise again.

The Gift of Hope is an Amish romance published by Berkley Romance… Look for a cover and preorders to go live fall of 2020!

Berkey Romance | May 2021



Coming soon!


Coming soon!


AUTHOR: Kristen McKanagh
EDITOR: Kristine Swartz
PUBLISHER: Berkey Romance
COVER DESIGN: Berkey Romance

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ISBN (digital):
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Release Date:
Rating: Sweet