Chapter 1 Excerpts

The Twelve Days of Snowball | Chapter 1

My job as “official kitty” at Weber Haus is the most important one. At least in my opinion. Helping to greet and keep tabs on all the guests who visit the Victorian inn near the mountain town of Braunfels can be taxing. My forever family—Emily and Lukas, and Lukas’s great aunt Miss Tilly—own and run the inn, as well as the new shops recently added. I love it here. So much to see and do. Plus, everyone wants to pet the “pretty white cat” and, other than the one specific exception of Daniel Aarons, I let them.

Now I finally get a free second to myself to stalk a bird, only to be interrupted by one of the many humans who stay at the inn calling my name. Downright rude. Can’t she see I’m clearly in the middle of a hunt? She might scare away my prey.


The Gift of Hope | Chapter 1

The knock at the door was expected, but a bit early.

“I’ll get it,” Hope Beiler tried to quietly shout down the stairs from her doorway. Her sister was always saying she was too loud, but she was trying. She needn’t have bothered this time. The front door squealed a protest at the use. Over the indistinguishable murmur of voices, Hope mentally added the task of oiling the hinges to her unending “To Do” list.

She would just have to hurry to finish getting ready. Hopping around her room, she put on her shoes as quickly as she could. Voices drifted up to her, but she couldn’t make out the words. Hopefully Mammi wasn’t in one of her moods and was keeping her comments to the weather, or something equally neutral . . . or normal.


Snowball’s Christmas | Chapter 1

“Lukas comes home today, Snowball.”

At the sound of Miss Tilly’s voice, I blink my eyes open. I’ve been sleeping curled up on my favorite chair in the kitchen, where it’s warmer. The one that’s extra soft because one of my two favorite humans sits there often. Waking up requires stretching. Half listening to her talk about this Lukas person she’s been gushing about for days, I push my paws out in front of me with a big yawn that makes me squeak and then sneeze.

Miss Tilly chuckles as she stares out the window. “Do you think he’ll stay longer this time?”


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