Snowball’s Christmas

The Purrfect holiday awaits…

Lukas Weber has been traveling the world as a renowned photographer, but he’s been gone far too long. However, it’s clear once he arrives that his aunt, his only family still living, is not doing so well. Lukas has no interest in taking over the large estate and B&B. He got enough of that growing up there. If only he could convince Aunt Tilly to sell. But the woman opening a new bakery on the property, and a new kitten named Snowball, throw up complications he’s not prepared for.

Emily Diemer is not remotely impressed with Tilly’s nephew, no matter how kind his smile. What type of man repays the woman who raised him by never visiting, especially when she needs help? Thankful for such a beautiful place to fulfill her dream of running her own bakery, Emily has tried to help out with the rest of the B&B. Plus, the old place could use some updating. However, her kindness does not mean helping Lukas fix it all up. Not when his main goal is to sell the place.

Snowball, meanwhile, knows that these two humans need to be her forever family and stay at Weber Haus with her and Miss Tilly. It’ll just take a little kitten mischief and Christmas magic to help them figure that out, too.

Snowball’s Christmas is a sweet and fun romance published by Kensington Publishing… Look for a cover and preorders to go live spring 2020!

Kensington Publishing| Coming October 2020!



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Coming soon!


AUTHOR: Kristen McKanagh
EDITOR: John Scognamiglio
PUBLISHER: Kensington
COVER DESIGN: Kensington

Page Count:
Word Count: 75k
ISBN (digital):
ISBN (print):
Release Date: Christmas season 2020
Rating: Sweet