Cozy Snowball Giveaway!

'Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes and cozy holiday romances! Check out How Snowball Stole Christmas for the romance; the latte is on me. ENTER HERE 10 lucky winners will get a $5 giftcard to Starbucks! *Organized by Fresh Fiction*Closes 11/30/22. U.S. only.

New Release | How Snowball Stole Christmas

Snowball the cat is up to her matchmaking shenanigans again! A grumpy grinch clearly needs to fall for his Christmas-loving, toyshop-owning, tis-the-season neighbor. Snowball, the fluffy furball who found her forever home at a cozy Victorian B&B, has her paws full this Christmas bringing two stubborn hearts together. Good thing no mission is too big... Continue Reading →

New Release | The Twelve Days of Chistmas

Are you looking for a bit of fluff that brings you holiday hope and cheer? The Twelve Days of Christmas, featuring Snowball the kitty is here! This Christmas, one gold ring will do purrfectly… Just in time for the holidays, author Kristen McKanagh gifts readers with the latest heartwarming novel featuring lovable, irresistible, mischievous feline... Continue Reading →

Finding Snowball

Enjoy this short story featuring Snowball the kitten in her new home, Weber Haus, a beautiful Victorian inn filled with love. “Oh, my word. Is that what I think it is?” Miss Tilly exclaimed. “What?” Emily glanced in direction Tilly pointed but was distracted momentarily by the large bruise on the back of her hand,... Continue Reading →

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