NEW RELEASE – The Gift of Faith

It's here! It's here! I am so excited that The Gift of Faith-- the third and final book in my Unexpected Gifts series--is here. I hope you love Faith and Daniel's story as much as I loved writing it. Their journey truly is one of sacrificial, selfless love.  The rewards of faith are plentiful in... Continue Reading →

Fresh Pick | The Gift of Joy

I am thrilled that Fresh Fiction selectedTHE GIFT OF JOYas their Fresh Pick for June 7, 2022!!! The Fresh Pick is chosen by a group of Fresh Fiction readers and is never a purchased advertisement or promotion. They've picked each book because it appeals to them and they like to share their diverse tastes in... Continue Reading →

New Release | The Gift of Joy

It’s here! The Gift of Joy is now available in paperback, in ebook, and in audiobook! Joshua and Joy's story flew onto the pages. It was truly a pleasure to lose myself in these two fun characters who were a hoot together. Revisiting the world of my Unexpected Gifts series is also always a treat... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1 Excerpt | The Gift of Joy

CHAPTER ONE Joy tried not to limp or rub at her sore backside as she paused at the edge of the tree line to observe the area around her family’s home. The large barn where her dat housed the horses he trained—for Amish as well as Englischers—partially blocked her view. Beyond that lay their old... Continue Reading →

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