My Trip to Amish Country

Since I was up Ohio way, after RAGT I decided to extend my time in the area and visit Amish country in northern Indiana. This is the area where my Unexpected Gifts series is set. I had intended to go last summer before book 1 released as a research trip for this specific setting, but COVID sort of squashed that idea. Book 2 is already in with my editor, but of course I still wanted to go. So glad I did!

My kids and mom came with me. While there we toured the Menno-Hof museum, toured the countryside looking a quilt gardens, visited various super interesting Amish-run businesses (mostly in homes), a buggy ride and tour of an Amish dairy farm, and shopping in the Shipshewana flea market.

I have fallen in love with Indiana. The kind people, the beautiful countryside, the picture-perfect farms, Amish buggies trotting by at a fast clip-clop, adorable shops, amazing food, and gorgeous weather (after Texas heat). I might just have to go back every summer. 🙂

A few pics for you…

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