Estes Park – My Fav Setting

I don’t know about you, but summer is our family travel time. With school-aged kids we’re kind of locked into the school year schedule. Last year, of course, we didn’t get to travel. A small price to pay in those circumstances, but we did miss it.

We were so excited to get to our favorite place this summer. Estes Park, CO! I’ve been going there almost every year since I was born, and now we take our children. We love the hiking and access to Rocky Mountain National Park, the downtown shops along the river walk, and the escape from Texas heat. See a few pics below…

My Snowball series of books is loosely based on Estes Park–the town in a mountain valley setting, as well as the Victorian B&B/Inn, semi incorporating elements from both the Stanley Hotel and what is now the Seven Keys Lodge. See some pics below…

I hope you’re staying cool and reading lots of great books this summer!

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