A New Pen Name

For those who don’t know me, I am a romance author. I’ve been a romance reader since I was twelve, and an author since 2012. Seems kind of appropriate that on December 12th, I’d decide to start a new pen name and a new adventure.

I have always enjoyed every subgenre there is in romancelandia. Now I feel it’s time to try my hand at sweet contemporary romance. I am already an award-winning author in both contemporary romance, as Kadie Scott, and in paranormal romance, as Abigail Owen. Under both those names, my romances fall decidedly to the steamy side.

To make sure my readers are never uncertain about what they’ll get, I’ve decided to write sweet romance and possibly Amish and other inspirational romance under the name Kristen McKanagh.

Already I have some WIPs in progress. I hope you’ll check back for more information as I get things rolling!

Thank you for following!!!

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