New Contract with Kensington

I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to announce I just signed a contract for sweet romance  with Kensington! SNOWBALL’S CHRISTMAS, in which Snowball the kitten plays matchmaker to two humans during the holidays, has been signed to John Scognamiglio in a 2-book deal. The first book is aimed at an October 2020 release, so hang with me a bit for more info on the details.

This is my first contract with a top 5 publisher and the realization of a decade-long dream (longer if you look back at the 20 years of writing and dreaming before I finished my first book). After ten years in the industry, I know a contract doesn’t necessarily mean success, sales, or readership, or even longevity. But an editor at a top 5 read my submission and loved it enough to put work, time, and money into it. You better believe I’ll work my tail off for this opportunity, just like I have for every other opportunity I’ve had along the way! It’s a wonderful step to take and I can’t wait to see where this road takes me.

A huge thank you to Evan Marshall, my agent working on this contract, for all your hard work and believing in me.

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